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Ephemeris Alarm iPhone App for your Stock & Forex Trading
a Top 200 financial iOS app around the globe!

New Release! -
"Trading with Precise Astrology Timing, featuring Ephemeris Alarm"
financial astrology financial astrology

Learn How to Catch the above Market Turns - It is a booklet which teaches 3 methods on how to (with the help of Ephemeris Alarm) trade the market with astro timing, covering
- How to Expect Intraday Market Turns (indicators are down to minutes and seconds)
- How to Spot the Market Acceleration Points
- Breaking the Prevailing Myth of Mercury Retrograde & Secrets of using Retrograde as a Trading Indicator
- and Demonstrating how to astrologically catch the potential intraday Tops and Bottoms on the above charts.

with Bonus Material: Application of Rule #17 of Stock and Commodity Traders' Hand-Book of Trend Determination, by George Bayer, on Dow Jones Industrial Index

Catch the above Market Turns with Ephemeris Alarm -
the FIRST Astrological Timing Stock Trading iPhone Apps

Below are five of the screen shots of this iOS app:

financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology

The App main functions includes:
i) be automatically imported with any chosen astro phenomena of your interest in your apple calendar, &
ii) get an alert 5min to 2 days ahead the concerned astro phenomena and get yourself ready for the according trade set up.

*while the app will not provide our Trineaspect Winning AlgorithmTM setup signal directly, purchasers of Volume I & II of our astro book can utilize this iOS app to properly generate the Trineaspect Winning AlgorithmTM setup signals via this app.

Download the app today and be immersed in the astrology world!

(By searching "Eph Alarm" at the App Store)

financial astrology

with the help of this newly launched App, we may all become aware of these potential Turns in the markets now:
Euro/USD 15 Minutes Chart
financial astrology

Euro/USD 4 Hours Chart
financial astrology

Dow Jones Industrial ^INDU Daily Chart
financial astrology

Dow Jones Industrial ^INDU Weekly Chart
financial astrology

Ok. I will let you know upfront that the above market turns are all timed by aspects/ retrogrades/ ingresses / declination parallels...&etc astro phenomena of a single or multiple planets/ Earth/ Moon/ Sun
or other heavenly bodies. These astro phenomena do turn the market sentiment. Period.

The key of correct application on astro timing, however, lies on your ability to distinguish which of the next astro phenomena will insert its influence in the market (and in which specific sector of the market
e.g. U.S. tech stocks/ U.S. bank stocks/ Shanghai Stocks/ Forex/ Gold/ Corn...etc), and which of them will not. While my Volume I & II of the astro books have explained how the whole astro system works
in great details, this app serves two purposes:

a) it raise awareness amongst the general public that all these astro phenomena do give turns to the market from time to time (and as the beginner astrotraders explore with all the possibilities,
with the help of this app, it should turn out to be a great self-learning astro trading lesson for them), but

b) this app also act as the prime trading tool for purchasers of my book who owns the real knowledge of how the whole astro system actually works, and be able to handpick (and be alerted
ahead of) specific astro phenomena that will insert influence to the specific sector of the market that he is trading with.

Disclaimer: All suggested timings in this app are of educational purposes. While they do not suggest nor imply in any way for any market trades for the app users, this app does not hold any responsibility for individual trading decisions upon utilising the app's timing solution.

Take a look on the below product launch video on how this App will make your astro trading life much easier.

Download our iOS app Today:
By searching "Eph Alarm" at the App Store
financial astrology

financial astrology

We're now offering COMPLIMENTARY:
- Internet Version of the Ephemeris Alarm App

upon your download of the app.

Just drop us an email, at the email address we provided
in the app, to request for the link.

In addition, contemporary astrology tells us that Mercury Retrogrades are frequently associated with Weak Investment Climate for the Stock Market...
how good would it be if we can get an alert on our iPhone ONE day ahead of this Mercury retrograde, and be able to trim down our position and be protected against the potential market drop?

Similarly, everyone has a different Planet Ruler which rules his personal financial life. And now, with this iOS app, you can import all the bad aspects and retrograde dates of your Personal Planet Ruler
and act to protect your financial assets before your personal Planet Ruler become weak in supporting your financial growth. Be alerted, be forewarned and most importantly, be able to act and protect
your capital before the storm comes.

Besides being forewarned of your personal, weak financial growth times (and be able to protect your capital), if you are trading with my astro theory introduced in our Financial Astrology website and are
looking for the Trineaspect Winning AlgorithmTM set up, this app will tell you 5 minute to 2 days ahead of such set up and get you prepared for the trade.

This is a handy iOS app that you can set alarms on all the upcoming retrograde, new zodiac sign ingress, conjunction, square aspects, trine aspects, parallel on declination, maximum /minimum declination,
on any or among any planets or Moon/ Sun/ Earth.

If you pay attention to moon a lot, you may also get an alert on every moon ingress, conjunction, square aspects, trine aspects, parallel on declination, maximum /minimum declination, all integrated in
your apple calendar. This is a must-own app if you believe in astrology or rely on astrology for your stock trading. It also helps you to live wiser in this New Age of Aquarius.

This app has already helped hundreds of traders around the world!
financial astrology

Download the app today and be immersed in the astrology world!

(By searching "Eph Alarm" at the App Store)

financial astrology

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