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Tunnel Thru The Air -
Volume II of the Astro Book -
Price Targets of the Future Cycles, from Chapter VII of The Tunnel Thru The Air

Volume II talks about how to predict Price Targets with the cycle deduced from Chapter VII of The Tunnel Thru The Air - Future Cycles.
It also explains how the author use Financial Astrology for Intraday Trading, with the Formula written in the book.

Content of Volume II of the Astrology Book
While the Volume I covers Mid-to-Long Term Trading and Timing Techniques,
the Volume II focuses on Intraday & Short Term Trading and Pricing Techniques.

There are a total of 123 pages covering:
a) Moon & Intraday Trading on up-to-the-minute Turns,
b) Pricing Techniques,
c) Astro Method that consistently pick Market Entries with Low Risk but Hugh Potentials, with Reward to Risk Ratio ranges from 1: 3.0 to 1: 6.0,
d) Short Term Trading tool (3 to 10 days) with Little to No Drawdown, but with Big Potentials.
e) Tools for giving both EXACT PRICE and EXACT TIME Targets together.

While this is the last volume that I am going to write; together with Volume I, they are my 95% of all astro knowledge and techniques being written down.
It is a non-blackbox, lifetime technique being taught to the purchaser and all the according formulas are written down in the book as well. Thus, there is a
non-compete/ non-disclosure form to protect this material and ensure that the information you learn from the book stays with you for your personal use only
and will not be shared with anyone else.

Be able to catch Turns like this:
financial astrology

With 1) Real Profitable Trading Accounts, 2) Accurate Public Forecasts and 3) Positive Purchasers' Feedbacks as SIGNS of the good knowledge that I am passing onto you,
I assure you will be excited with the content of the book.

"I am not going to tell you something that you didn't know before; But I am going to show you an angle that you haven't looked before.
come & follow my path and you will see the click that allows you to see everything differently and have your mindset shifted to a higher level."

It is a non-blackbox, lifetime technique being taught to the purchaser and all the according formulas are written down in the book as well.
please email us for details.
I have struggled for more than 1 year on whether or not I should release it, for I don't know what will happen after I released these powerful astro trading tools. And finally after numerous
nights of deliberately thoughts, I have decided to release it, but only to a few traders; which in this way, I can both reduce the numbers of people learning this method and keeping the secret
among the few.

Despite a lot of you have already "wowed" on the astro theory introduced in Volume I, the content covered in Volume II is even much better than the Volume I. In my opinion, the Volume I gives
the base of my introduced astro theory and covers around 30% of all of my astro knowledge. And the Volume II covers the rest of 65%, which together with volume I, are my 95% of all astro
trading knowledge and techniques being written down.

And I can assure you have never seen something so impress before, and in fact, not only will I explain the shorter timing techniques of the astro theory introduced in Volume I, I will also
bring in 2 powerful astro trading tools which tends to pick market tops and bottoms with little risk associated (as per the video introduced on the above).

As well, there always accompanied the email support that I will be happy to answer any questions on materials that I have covered in my book and you will need to sign a NDA to keep the
material with you and you only.

p.s. the examples mentioned in the video (introduced on the above) are the typical calls that you can make after reading the Volume II.

p.p.s. since the theory is build upon Volume I, purchasers of Volume II must also purchase Volume I as well. and I am offering a discount of US$2,500 if Volume I & II is being purchased together.