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W.D. Gann's Implicit Rules of Trend - Mechanical Trend System

It is my personal insights on how to decode the W.D. Gann's publication: "Form Reading and Rules for Determining Trend of Stocks"
(which is the Chapter II of "No. 3 Master Forecasting Method & Unpublished Stock Market Forecasting Courses"),
so that one could know how to apply W.D. Gann's trading method into today's market with great accuracy and success.

wd gann book wd gann book

This 80-page W.D. Gann Mechanical Trend System hardcover book:

1) explains how W.D. Gann defined a Change in Trend
2) teaches you how to discern the start of a trend, which is always associated with least risk to entry into the market
3) teaches you how to discern and avoid investing during those time when the market is approaching the end of its trend, which is always associated with larger risk to reward ratio
4) explains what W.D. Gann meant by "sections"
5) explains how W.D. Gann told the definite confirmation of change of trend
6) explains what W.D. Gann meant by "price ahead time"
7) explains what W.D. Gann referred to on the market actions along with its 45 degree angle
8) explains how the above W.D. Gann terms are related to one another
9) explains what W.D. Gann referred as safe selling points
10) explains what is the W.D Gann's Implicit Rules which works on All Major Market Movements
11) along with the complete set of powerpoint slides on Khit Wong's 2016 W.D. Gann's Form Reading Seminar - Change of Trend

in a) today's language and with b) examples in today's market
p.s. despite most of the examples covered in the book are of Gold and FX Markets, the same concept and rules does apply to all other commodities & stocks like HSBC, AAPL, GS, SPY, DIA, GOOG, AMZN, TSLA...etc

However, this booklet is not only targeted for the beginners, but it is also a guidebook for
experienced W.D. Gann students on how to study W.D. Gann properly; and this guidebook will force
you to re-think what W.D. Gann is really about and you should have some new inspirations because
of this booklet. I discovered this tool after 6 years of study. So, this is something real and
original from me. You will not see it elsewhere, and this will not be those W.D. Gann books which
you bought and will flow it away after reading. This guidebook gives you a correct starting point
to study or re-study W.D. Gann, a path guided from an insider.

I have further elaborate how the explained W.D. Gann trading method has helped me to pocket 2,000+
pips in euro during 2002-2006, and 500+ CAC index points, and that I still use this piece of trading technique as of today.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: T & AT Basics
Chapter 3: Sell at Safe, Safer & Safest Selling Points
Chapter 4: More examples on T & AT Movements of the Markets
Chapter 5: Exact Calculations for the Entry & Exit points of the Example raised in Chapter 1
Chapter 6: Application on the T & AT concept – the Right Way to use Technical Indicators
Chapter 7: News-Trading, Wave Boarding and its Application of the T & AT Technique
Chapter 8: Why for-sure-knowing the Upcoming Trend is so Important?
Chapter 9: Position Trading & Start/ End of a Trend
Chapter 10: Correct Way of Reading the Market
Chapter 11: Khit Wong's Trading Theory
Chapter 12: Powerpoint slides on Khit Wong's 2016 W.D. Gann's Form Reading Seminar - Change of Trend

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