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Techniques of Applying Astrology Timing to Trade the Stock Market

Many of you had probably experienced this in your Astrology Trading Career already.

By backtesting historical prices, you had found one particular Astro Timing Indicator which did exceptionally great to track the Price movement of a certain stock or commodity.
One, Two, Three times that it had been working well - but once you had started to trade with this particular astro timing, no matter it is Natal Transit, Mercury Retrograde,
Planet's conjunction, Moon's Declination...etc related astro timing indicator, it failed miserably, and it didn't work anymore.

This is what I called "Fatique of Astro Stimulus".

Challenge of Financial Astrology Trading

What you will learn from me something different. My formula is not static, I have a dynamic variable which is accustom to the time change on Earth, (and that's why
I need to trade according to astrology. Afterall, what "day" is, is actually the moon had revolved Earth for one cycle; and what "year" actually is, is the Earth had
revolved Sun for one full circle.) So far, this forward testing since 2011 (meaning that the same Math Formula was tested in real time environment for 5 years without knowing
the test result, ahead of the test itself) have been working very well, as you can see the proofs from these Price-and-Time-Specific Financial Predictions
working well in the market.

This Financial Astrology Winning FormulaTM that I am introducing is like a new prescription drug to be released to the consumer market, and not only it had stood the
backtesting stage, it had as well stood a 5 year forward testing, before I am here to introduce it to you.

As well, you may join me and have the this KEY of Astro Trading (to foreknow which of the next astro timing will work out in the market and avoid betting on the
non-working ones!) learnt it yourself. Take a look on the Customer Testimonials of the Volume I & II of the Astro book, and I am sure you will not be disappointed
with the content in it.