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Tunnel Thru The Air -
Volume I of the Astro Book -
Time Targets of the Future Cycles, from Chapter VII of The Tunnel Thru The Air

Volume I talks about how to predict Timing Targets with the cycle deduced from Chapter VII of The Tunnel Thru The Air - Future Cycles.

It is an Astrology Trading Method that gives accurate Tops and Bottoms Timing Targets down to one single day, as you can see from the forward testing of this theory
since 2011 in the Price-&-Time Specific Public Predictions section. As well, described from the below youtube video, while 7 out of 9 written-in-the-book-predictions
had manifested themselves accurately in 2012 & 2013, applying the same astro thoery, there are 30 more turn dates to come in 2014+!

Content in Volume I of the Astrology Book
This is a financial astrology book published back in 2011 April, based only on astrology and planet movements &
have predicted the 2012 market accurately (top & bottom date up to 1 day in difference):

the being applied astro theory has predicted a total of 39 top/ bottom dates, which:
- 5 out of 6 are correct in 2012
- 1 out of 1 is correct in 2013 first half year
- 2 such top/ bottom dates are coming in 2013 second half of the year
- 3 such top/ bottom dates are coming in 2014
- 3 such top/ bottom dates are coming in 2015
- 24 more such top/ bottom dates are coming in 2016+

The main theme of the book lies on why astro indicators sometimes works and sometimes not, and it includes teaching the following abilities:
(so that one can only trade on the working astro indicators and avoid betting on the non-working ones)

1. to foreknow a certain future date is a top or a bottom instead of only knowing that certain future date is a market turnover date.
(feedback from customer says there is expensive private one-to-one astrology trading seminar from someone who is famous in the field
teaches his students that astro cannot predict the direction of the markets which is not true and is explained why this is so in the book.)

2. to understand why certain astro indicators only work on certain stocks but not others.
(i.e. explain the situation why the amazon stock have raised a lot in the market, but my ebay stock having business in the same Internet field is not rising as much.)

3. to foreknow when certain astro indicators will work on my stock, specifically in which time period it should start working and when it should stop working.
(thus one can maximize your profit by trading in the trending market from exactly when it starts and locking your profit exactly when the trend ends.)

- this book is designed to teach one how to do the calculations by himself, so once he has finished studying the book material,
he is also equipped to know the start and end dates of the future trends & perform his according forecasts by himself.

- examples cover ^INDU Dow Jones Industrial Average Index, ^HSI Hang Seng Index, ^SSEC ShangHai Composite Index, Forex Euro, Commodity Corn,
Gold, ^BVSP Brazil Stock Index, ^XU100 Istanbul Stock Index, US Stocks: Sprint Nextel, Yahoo!, Starbucks.

p.s. there is a non-compete/non-disclosure form to protect this material and ensure that the information you learn from the book stays with you
for your personal use only and will not be shared with anyone else.

financial astrology

After you have read the book, you will understand:
a) how to be ahead of 98% of the public investors and know, before everyone else, when a certain trend will start and end, and to take advantage of it (like the above Japanese Yen exampe)
b) how Trine Aspects will guide the repetition of events and cycles
c) what caused world events like 911 and the lead to other major stock crashes, to the exact of one day
d) the future dates for maket crash and rise (up to 30-40 years ahead) for various investment markets including Dow Jones Index, Shanghai Composite Index, Gold, Corn...etc
and a lot more... just a great leap in understanding what is actually happening in the stock market and the world events, in the astrology sense.

With 1) Real Profitable Trading Accounts, 2) Accurate Public Forecasts and 3) Positive Purchasers' Feedbacks as SIGNS of the good knowledge that I am passing onto you, I assure you will be excited with the content of the book.
please email us for details.


"Besides teaching how astrology interacts with the stock market the real way it does, what I further want to guide as well is how you could shift your
own belief system to live cleverer in this New Age. The new knowledge and the shifting of your belief system shall come in a package. While you shall
never see the world the same again after understanding the book material, this knowledge shall lead you to a deeper comprehension of the current
world events as well. And that's why, in my book, I also talk about 911, casting horoscope, the real nature of time and its meaning & implications...etc,
a broader scope of knowledge that you do not usually find in other trading books.

While these two Volumes of book is here to fulfill my responsibility of understanding the material and pass it on to the chosen ones,
Don't just focus alone on Price and Time. See the whole thing in a broader terms, astro traders!"