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Financial Astrology Predictions on

^INDU, Euro FX, Australia Dollar, Japanese Yen, Gold, Bitcoin & More

Financial Astrology Forecast in 2016

BR Exit caught 98% of the market traders in surprise, but not to purchasers at Trineaspect.com (forewarned a 1,000+ DJI Index Points drop 2 weeks before the drop)

The polls was showing slightly better percentage for BR to remain throughout June, and this is the only email I've ever send out to my customers regarding market forecasts, in 2016.

Also see how I made my other Public Live Calls on the numerous platforms including the Authentic Wave59 forum site since 2013.
My trades are featured by:

- Tight Stop Loss
- Huge Potential Gains Ahead (often 300+ pips)
- Short Holding Period
- Little to No Drawdown
- Polarity Known Ahead
- Entry & Exit Signals Known Weeks Ahead
- Price & Time Target Specific (instead of having only one element)
- High Winning Percentage
- No Ambiguity
- Not a One Time Trick
- Work across All Investment Products

**disclaimer - The following comments are of educational purposes, and they do not suggest or imply in any way for any trade decisions for the readers

Financial Astrology Forecast in 2015

For this particular forecast, while 1st bottom's price and time target was hit.
financial astrology

the 2nd bottom's price target was off; but the 2nd bottom's time target comes in great alignment with what I expected on 11th Jan 2015.
financial astrology

My Bitcoin Trade(a Gain of $150+ Bitcoin Dollars)
financial astrology
financial astrology

Financial Astrology Forecast in 2013-2014

My Euro Trade (a Gain of 300+ Pips)
financial astrology

My Aussie Trade (a Gain of 300+ Pips)
financial astrology

My Hang Seng Index Trade (a Gain of 1,500+ Index Points)
financial astrology

My 2nd Gold Trade(a Gain of $65+ Gold Dollars)
financial astrology
My Japanese Yen Trade (a Gain of 550 Pips)
financial astrology

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