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Frequently Asked Quesitons -

Question: I trade stocks, does your method apply only to Gold & Forex? What Time Frame do you use?
Despite most of the examples covered in the book are of Gold and Forex Markets, the same concept and rule does apply to
all other commodities, indexes & stocks like HSBC, AAPL, GS, SPY, DIA, GOOG, AMZN, TSLA...etc

As this W.D. Gann Trading Method that we introduce is THE IMPLICIT RULE OF THE MARKET, just like gravity working on Earth, its force
is universal to all substances, and that our discovered rule also works on all stocks & commodities, and that it works on all time frames
as well. It is an implicit rule that guide how the markets move in trend market.

Question: Can it use to catch intraday highs and lows?
This theory will let you understand what is the current trend, and often catches the intraday low in a bull market and the intraday high for a bear market.
These are all very safe places for market entries. (with reward to risk ratio of 3.0+).

In comparison to 5/15 minute charts, it tends to work better on hourly or daily chart as there will be less false movement (where as the market moved one way
but quickly go back beyond the initial move to another direction) in the longer time frame. And in the book as well, we will show you ways that how we could
do the locate possible false movement in the market and reduce the chance of taking a false signal to trade.

Question: I am confused on the products that you are selling, can you list them out?
There are 3 major products that we are selling
Product 1: WD Gann Implicit Rule in Trend Market US$ 250
Product 2: Trading with Precise Astrology Timing (featuring how to use our iOS app "Ephemeris Alarm") US$ 330
Product 3: Forex & Gold Market Signal Service US$ 98/25 days

Question: How good your trading system is?
At Trineaspect.com, we are not giving you those so called "win-millions trading system", they are illusion, and that no fixed-rule trading system wins forever. And no one in the market
will share their system for US$ 300 IF it is a trading system that wins over 50.5%; but what we are trying to do is teach you the knowledge, to help you improve a 40% winning trading
system to a 45% one, and as well to teach you how to maximaize your per-trade-profit by effectively placing entry and stop loss order utilising the major W.D. Gann techniques in
nowadays language and examples. Please make sure you read our Customer Testimonials section to see how every purchaser and signal subscriber are really happy learning our
way of trading.

Question: Why I should learn from you?
There is a big difference between a trader and an author. An author can take his time to research and build a trading theory that he found, but he could also not be able to utilise
the same theory in the market and thus he publishes the theory. I am both a book seller and a trader who demonstrate my forecast ability in the signal service, in the FXStreet.com
& Wave59.com. While all signals are come with tight stop loss, entry & exit price, time, and polarity foreknown, I have attached below one of my trading accounts for your reference
as well.

Question: If this is so good, why sell to me?
First of all, for the above Product 1-3, I am not selling THE SYSTEM to you. but I am selling the knowledge foundation that could bring you up to my level. I do sell THE SYSTEM,
but the Volume I of Astro Book alone is US$ 7,500. Secondly, I feel it is my responsibility to pass my knowledge to traders who need it, it is the way how knowledge flows - I teach,
but at the same time, someone will teach me back in the furture. I reap what I sow. That's a rule you might not understand for now, but it does operate like this on Earth. You first
have to give, in order to receive; and that's why I am sharing my knowledge with the ones who are interested in acquiring it, and let the knowledge flows.

For further enquiries, feel free to email us or send us the question via whatsapp at the (+852) 6779-4421.

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