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The Foreword of W.D. Gann The Tunnel Thru The Air

w.d. gann
Source: TradersWorld Issue #39 P.46

It has long been said that the WD Gann novel The Tunnel Thru The Air is the most important W.D. Gann publication for, as WD Gann himself has written it in the foreword,
it contains a valuable secret, clothed in veiled language; and which everyone hope the valuable secret will lead them to as wealth as they would like to be.

From what I extracted from the novel "The Tunnel Thru The Air", we realized that there are at least two layers in this novel. One layer is
where words and understandings are explicitly spoken out and explained, another level is what we called the layer of "In silence, by silence, through
silence were all things made". There is little explanation on that layer, and the words are just written there, in the novel, to serve the purpose of
the silence layer.

W.D. Gann had a few different kinds of writing style which he kept on using it again and again. The information he presented in his
two Stock & Commodity Market Trading Courses and in his novel "The Tunnel Thru The Air" are all scattered here and there. Without a road-map,
one can hardly join all the puzzles together.

As we have found that the 1909 Ticker and Investment Digest interview is very useful in conjoining most of the
price & time concepts presented in his two trading courses, we realized that W.D. Gann was using the same writing style in the foreword of his novel
The Tunnel Thru The Air. If the public interview is the road-map for Gann's two trading courses, then the foreword of TTTTA has to be the road-map for
his The Tunnel Thru The Air.

To most of the readers, the foreword says something like it is a romance story and it serves other purposes that W.D. Gann would like this book to serve.
Most of the readers will either miss reading this page or want to start their reading as soon as they have finished the foreword. As a matter of fact,
like the public interview, W.D. Gann has plugged numerous keywords and phrases into that paragraph to help his readers. We often wonder how few readers
would stop at that page, for a moment, and try to read the foreword itself for three times first.

Take, for example of the Bible quote "seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you" in the foreword; for most of the readers,
it is just a plain Bible quote which say something like "If you desire something, go search for it, then you will find it", despite the fact that
most of the time we have to knock the door real hard before it will be opened to us. In fact, the Bible quote there actually served another purpose.

If you would now read further to chapter VII. In page 75, you will find that the Bible quote is quoted there again: "Ask and it shall be given to you.
seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened on to you", this time quoting the whole Matthew 7:7 phrase. Since the foreword quote is mentioned again,
we should pay more attention to the chapter and should probably read the chapter three times also. And you guess what? This chapter is the only place where
Robert Gordon (W.D. Gann) openly explains the basis of his prediction. By re-quoting the Bible quote in foreword, W.D. Gann has pointed the important chapter to his readers.

Let me now raise one more gann's secret method. "a BOOK, to be worth reading must do more than amuse and interest. It must be instructive to be of real value to
the reader. This book has a three-fold purpose..." Like the Matthew 7:7 phrase. The "BOOK", with all the capital letter is only mentioned two times
in his novel: in the foreword and in the chapter VII. In page 83, you will find the phrase "The Bible is the BOOK of all books, and if we only study it
and understand it, we can gain a proper knowledge of all things. I believe it the duty of any man who understands science and mathematics and the cycle theory,
and knows what is coming, to warn the people in order that they may prepare for trouble ahead."

And if you would now look back to page 78 where Robert Gordon says "I have always look for causes when once I determine a cause I can always
be sure of the effect or future event which I predict. IT IS NOT MY AIM TO EXPLAIN THE CAUSE OF CYCLES. The general public is not yet ready for it
and probably would not understand and believe it if I explained it."

The question now is: then it is to whose aim to explain the cause of cycles?.......and may the hardworking & enlightened students of W.D. Gann
understand the above passage and be blessed for the journey toward W.D. Gann wisdom guided by our hands. You may visit our W.D. Gann Financial Astrology website,
for the book which unclothes the ultimate W.D Gann Bible Astrology Trading Method (which is still accurately working in the nowadays market!)

Khit Wong 2005/1/29

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